Chisel Chins Entrance Music (art track/Q & A video)

The official art track video for Steven Conklin's "Chisel Chin's Entrance Music" from the "Auditory Hallucinations" album.
Chisel Chin features Steven with a wah pedal and blurring the lines between E Natural Minor and E Harmonic Minor.
This is one of Steven's more humorous tracks and it's not to be taken too seriously.

Chisel Chin started out as the drum beat when Steven was warming up for an unrelated track. Upon plackback he thought it was one of the funniest things he ever heard. It also perfectly fit a character in a movie project he was working on at the time.
While that project has been put on the shelf for now, the track also fit on the "Auditory Hallucinations" album.

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Track: Chisel Chins Entrance Music
Album: Auditory Hallucinations
Run Time: 1:09
Producer/Director: Steven Conklin
Keys: E Minor
Copyright 2016 Steven Conklin (BMI)