Chisel Chins Entrance Music (art track/Q & A video)

The official art track video for Steven Conklin's "Chisel Chin's Entrance Music", from the "Auditory Hallucinations" album.
Chisel Chin features Steven with a wah pedal and blurring the lines between E Natural Minor and E Harmonic Minor.
This is one of Steven's more humorous tracks and it's not to be taken too seriously.

Chisel Chin started out as a drum beat when Steven was warming up for an unrelated track. Upon plackback he thought it was
One of the funniest things he ever heard. It also perfectly fit a character in a movie project he was working on at the time.
While that project has been put on the shelf for now, the track also fit on the "Auditory Hallucinations" album.

Track: Chisel Chins Entrance Music
Album: Auditory Hallucinations
Run Time: 1:09
Producer/Director: Steven Conklin
Keys: E Minor
Copyright 2016 By Steven Conklin (BMI)