Anyone Out There?

The Official "Anyone Out There?" video from Steven Conklin's "Not What I'm Known For" album.
"Anyone Out There?" is another mixture of animation and live video, which finds Steven aboard a spaceship. Who are the others? From what depths of the Universe do they come? What do they want? Those are the answers Steven is looking for in this concept video.

The concept is just the classic sci-fi plot: aliens come to Earth and things happen. We decided to take a a slightly different path with it. Adding in some humor elements (from the ETs POV) and an unresolved ending. Nothing groundbreaking by any means, just simply a different take on a very common theme. The virtual spaceship and all the animation was done with Blender.

"Anyone Out There?" contains a very unorthodox main riff. It's time signature is 2/4, 5/8, 2/4, 5/8, 2/4, 5/8, 3/4, then repeats. Yeah, it's one of those songs. Steven wrote the main riff on bass first, then fleshed the piece out. All the guitar "verse" leads were improvised and were either the 1st or 2nd takes.
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Track: Anyone Out There?
Album: Not What I'm Known For
Run Time: 3:09
Producer: Steven Conklin
Video Director: OceanicToast
Keys: D Minor, A Minor, E Minor
Copyright 2005 Steven Conklin (BMI)